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At the heart of our institute’s mission lies a commitment to advancing the field of psychology and counseling through rigorous research and scholarly discourse. This page is a testament to that commitment, showcasing the recent and impactful publications produced by our dedicated team of researchers, faculty, and collaborative partners, including KMAN Publication Incorporation.

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Our publications span a wide array of topics within psychology and counseling, reflecting the diverse interests and expertise of our global research community. From groundbreaking studies in cognitive psychology to innovative approaches in counseling therapy, our work is at the forefront of advancing knowledge and practice in the field.

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Each publication is accompanied by an abstract or summary, providing a glimpse into the research and its implications. We encourage scholars, students, and practitioners in the field to engage with our publications, fostering a vibrant community of learning and exchange.

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For researchers interested in contributing to our future publications, we provide guidelines and support for submission. Our collaborative and inclusive approach ensures that diverse voices and perspectives are represented in our scholarly work.

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We regularly update this page with our latest publications, so we invite you to bookmark it and return often to stay abreast of the newest developments in psychology and counseling research.

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Join us in our journey of discovery and dissemination of knowledge at KMAN Research Institute, where every publication is a step towards understanding the complexities of the human mind and improving mental health practices worldwide.

Our Recent Publications

Parsakia, K., Rostami, M., & Saadati, S. M. (2023). The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Marital Conflicts Using Actor-Partner Interdependence Model. Journal of Psychosociological Research in Family and Culture, 1(1), 23-28.

Seyed Ali Tabar, S. H., & Zadhasn, Z. (2023). Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy on Mental Pain, Distress Tolerance and Psychological Hardiness in Breast Cancer Patients. Health Nexus, 1(1), 56-63.

Rostami, M., & Mehdi Abadi, P. (2023). The Impact of Doing Assignments with Chatbots on The Students’ Working Memory. Health Nexus, 1(1), 64-70.

Parsakia, K. (2023). The Effect of Chatbots and AI on The Self-Efficacy, Self-Esteem, Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking of Students. Health Nexus, 1(1), 71-76.


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