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Kamdin Parsakia is an emerging figure in the field of psychology, known for his innovative research and contributions to understanding complex psychological phenomena. Parsakia’s work is inferred to span a broad spectrum of psychological inquiry, reflecting a deep engagement with contemporary issues in emotional intelligence, relationship dynamics, and therapeutic interventions.

Parsakia’s research likely investigates the intricate mechanisms of human behavior and emotional processing, offering new insights into how individuals navigate their interpersonal relationships and confront psychological challenges. His exploration into marital conflicts and the effectiveness of counseling approaches suggests a commitment to improving mental health outcomes and relationship satisfaction through evidence-based practices.

With a keen interest in the practical applications of psychological theories, Parsakia’s work is poised to impact both academic circles and clinical settings. By bridging the gap between research and practice, he contributes to the development of more effective therapeutic strategies and interventions, aiming to enhance the well-being of individuals and couples.

As a researcher, Parsakia embodies the qualities of curiosity, analytical rigor, and empathy, driving forward the psychological sciences with each study and publication. His contributions, though not fully detailed here, are anticipated to enrich the psychological community’s understanding of critical issues facing society today, marking him as a valuable asset to the field of psychology.

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Researching Fields

  • Emotional Intelligence: Investigating how emotional intelligence influences personal and professional relationships, decision-making processes, and overall psychological well-being.

  • Marital and Relationship Dynamics: Exploring the factors contributing to marital satisfaction and conflict, with an emphasis on developing therapeutic strategies to enhance relationship health.

  • Therapeutic Interventions and Counseling Techniques: Focusing on the assessment and improvement of counseling methods and therapeutic interventions to address a wide range of psychological issues.

  • Psychological Resilience: Studying the mechanisms of resilience in individuals and communities, including how resilience can be developed and its impact on mental health outcomes.

  • Behavioral Psychology: Examining the behavioral patterns that contribute to psychological states, with a focus on developing interventions to modify maladaptive behaviors.

Research interests

  • Integration of Technology in Therapy: Interested in how digital tools and platforms can be utilized to enhance the efficacy of therapeutic interventions and counseling practices.
  • Cross-Cultural Psychology: Exploring how cultural differences impact psychological processes, with a particular focus on cross-cultural variations in emotional intelligence and relationship dynamics.
  • Preventive Psychology: Investigating strategies and programs aimed at preventing psychological issues before they arise, particularly in the context of relationships and emotional health.
  • Mindfulness and Psychological Well-being: Examining the role of mindfulness practices in improving mental health, emotional regulation, and stress management.
  • Neuropsychology of Emotions: Delving into the neurological underpinnings of emotional responses and their implications for understanding and treating psychological disorders.

Recent Publications

Parsakia, K., Rostami, M., & Saadati, S. M. (2023). The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Marital Conflicts Using Actor-Partner Interdependence Model. Journal of Psychosociological Research in Family and Culture, 1(1), 23-28.

Aghaziarati, A., Rajabi Fard, F., Rahimi, H., & Parsakia, K. (2023). Investigating the Effect of Electrical Stimulation (tDCS) of the Prefrontal Cortex of the Brain on the Improvement of Behavioral and Neurological Symptoms of Children with Specific Learning Disabilities. Health Nexus1(2), 44-50. 

Ghezelseflou, M., Navabinezhad, S., Rostami, M., & Parsakia, K. (2023). Effectiveness of the emotional freedom technique on reducing the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder in women affected by marital infidelity. Psychology of Woman Journal4(4). 


Parsakia, K. (2023). The Effect of Chatbots and AI on The Self-Efficacy, Self-Esteem, Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking of Students. Health Nexus, 1(1), 71-76.


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