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Dr. Shokoh Navabinejad

Dr. Shokoh Navabinejad

Dr. Shokoh Navabinejad

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Shokoh Navabinejad is a prominent figure in the realm of psychology and educational sciences, and also known as The Mother of Counseling in Iran. Her academic pursuits and professional contributions span various facets of psychological counseling, with a particular emphasis on couple therapy and emotional regulation. Navabinejad’s work is highly regarded for its depth and innovation, especially in exploring therapeutic approaches that enhance emotional understanding and communication within relationships.

Her research encompasses a broad range of topics, including the comparative effectiveness of emotional-focused couple therapy and acceptance, and commitment therapy. Navabinejad’s scholarly activities demonstrate a keen interest in understanding and addressing the psychological underpinnings of relationship dynamics, aiming to offer meaningful insights and interventions that can significantly improve the emotional well-being of individuals and couples. Through her studies, she has contributed to the development of more effective counseling methodologies and therapeutic practices, enriching the field of psychology with her expertise and dedication.

Navabinejad’s role extends beyond research; she is actively involved in mentoring students and professionals in the field, sharing her knowledge and experience to nurture the next generation of psychologists and counselors. Her contributions have not only advanced academic understanding but have also had a tangible impact on the practice of psychological counseling, making her a respected and influential figure in her field.

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Researching Fields

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for Couples: Specializing in the application and effectiveness of EFT, a therapeutic approach designed to improve emotional attachment and communication between partners in a relationship.

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT): Investigating the use of ACT in various settings, including couple therapy, to enhance psychological flexibility and emotional well-being.

  • Educational Psychology and Counseling: Focusing on the integration of psychological principles within educational settings, aiming to improve learning outcomes and address student mental health issues.

  • Emotional Regulation and Mental Health: Exploring strategies and interventions for improving emotional regulation among individuals and couples, with an emphasis on reducing psychological distress and enhancing life satisfaction.

  • Therapeutic Outcomes and Methodology: Examining the efficacy of different therapeutic approaches and methodologies in counseling, with a focus on evidence-based practices and outcome research in therapy.

Research interests

  • Enhancing Relationship Dynamics through EFT: Delving into how emotionally focused therapy can be effectively utilized to strengthen the emotional bonds and communication patterns between partners, leading to more resilient and satisfying relationships.

  • Application of ACT in Relationship Counseling: Investigating the role of acceptance and commitment therapy in addressing common relationship issues, focusing on how ACT principles can foster a more accepting and supportive partnership.

  • Psychological Well-being in Educational Contexts: Researching the impact of psychological counseling and interventions on the well-being and academic performance of students, emphasizing the need for comprehensive support systems within educational institutions.

  • Strategies for Improved Emotional Regulation: Exploring innovative strategies and interventions that can assist individuals in better managing their emotions, with a particular interest in how these techniques can benefit couples in therapy.

  • Comparative Studies on Therapeutic Approaches: Conducting comparative research to assess the relative effectiveness of various therapeutic approaches, including EFT and ACT, in improving mental health and relationship satisfaction.

Recent Publications

Mardani, F., Navabinejad, S. ., & Yousefi, E. . (2024). Identifying Factors and Contexts Leading Couples to Mutual Divorce. Applied Family Therapy Journal (AFTJ) 5(1), 78-88. 

Navabinejad, S., & Rostami , . M. . (2023). Mind and Body in Sync: The Fascinating Field of Psychophysiology in Sports. Health Nexus1(3), 38-40.


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