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Dr. Seyed Hadi Seyed Ali Tabar

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His academic journey and professional endeavors are deeply rooted in exploring the nuanced aspects of psychology, notably emphasizing the reliability, validity, and intricate factor structures of various psychological assessments and scales. Alitabar’s scholarly work extends into the realm of relationship dynamics, where he has conducted insightful studies on attitudes toward infidelity among individuals seeking guidance in counseling centers. This specific area of research highlights his keen interest in marital issues and the broader spectrum of relationship dynamics, underlining the complexities of human emotions and interactions within intimate partnerships.

Alitabar’s contributions to clinical psychology and counseling are not just academic; they represent a profound commitment to applying theoretical knowledge for practical benefit. Through his research, he aims to offer deeper insights into the psychological frameworks that underpin relationship dynamics, thereby facilitating improved counseling methods and therapeutic interventions. His work exemplifies a passion for understanding the human psyche and a dedication to fostering a more nuanced approach to clinical psychology, making significant strides in how psychological care is conceptualized and delivered. Alitabar’s career is a testament to the impactful role of psychology in addressing and elucidating the complexities of human relationships and mental health.

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Researching Fields

  • Psychometric Evaluation: Specializing in the development, assessment, and refinement of psychological tests and scales, focusing on their reliability and validity in clinical settings.

  • Marital and Relationship Counseling: Focusing on the dynamics within intimate relationships, including the investigation of factors such as fidelity, communication patterns, and conflict resolution strategies.

  • Clinical Psychology and Therapeutic Interventions: Engaging in the study and application of clinical interventions designed to address mental health disorders, with an emphasis on evidence-based practices.

  • Behavioral Psychology: Exploring the behavioral aspects of human psychology, particularly in understanding and modifying maladaptive behaviors within individual and relational contexts.

  • Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal Dynamics: Investigating the role of emotional intelligence in personal relationships and its impact on communication, empathy, and relationship satisfaction.

Research interests

  • Attitudes and Perceptions of Infidelity: Delving into how cultural, societal, and individual factors influence attitudes toward infidelity and its impact on relationship health and counseling outcomes.

  • Validation of Psychological Assessments: Working towards the enhancement of psychological assessment tools for better diagnostic accuracy and therapeutic alignment in clinical psychology.

  • Therapeutic Outcomes in Marital Counseling: Assessing the efficacy of various therapeutic approaches in resolving marital conflicts and improving relationship satisfaction.

  • Influence of Emotional Intelligence on Relationship Dynamics: Investigating how emotional intelligence affects conflict resolution, empathy, and overall satisfaction in intimate and professional relationships.

  • Application of Behavioral Therapies in Clinical Settings: Exploring the effectiveness of behavioral therapies, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), in treating psychological disorders and enhancing patient well-being.

Recent Publications

Seyed Ali Tabar, S. H., & Saberi, S. (2023). Beyond Traditional Pathways: Innovations in Career Counseling for the 21st Century. KMAN Counseling & Psychology Nexus, 1(1), 151-158. 

Seyed Ali Tabar, S. H., & Zadhasn, Z. (2023). Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy on Mental Pain, Distress Tolerance and Psychological Hardiness in Breast Cancer Patients. Health Nexus, 1(1), 56-63.


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