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Dr. Neda Atapour is an esteemed psychologist with a rich academic and research background in family dynamics, educational psychology, and psychosomatic research. Her research primarily focuses on enhancing marital intimacy through culturally tailored interventions, a critical area that addresses the diverse needs of couples from various backgrounds. Dr. Atapour has also explored the complex interplay between emotional expressiveness, social connectedness, and problem-solving within family units, contributing valuable insights that help shape effective therapeutic practices. Her commitment to understanding and improving the psychological aspects of family interactions is reflected in her numerous publications in prestigious journals, establishing her as a thought leader in her field.

Beyond her work on family dynamics, Dr. Atapour has significantly contributed to the understanding of educational psychology and psychosomatic research. She has co-authored several influential papers, including studies on the evolving learner and the effectiveness of psychological capital workshops in improving adaptive behavior among individuals with physical disabilities. Dr. Atapour’s interdisciplinary approach integrates educational psychology perspectives on growth and development with practical applications in therapy and counseling. Her collaborative research on structured social workshops demonstrates her dedication to addressing risk behaviors and mood regulation, highlighting her holistic view of psychological health. Through her extensive publications, Dr. Atapour has made substantial contributions to both academic knowledge and practical therapeutic methodologies, enhancing the well-being of individuals and families alike. Her ongoing work continues to influence and inspire the field of psychology, promoting a deeper understanding of human behavior and mental health.

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Researching Fields

  • Cultural Dynamics in Couple Therapy: Tailoring interventions to enhance marital intimacy.
  • Growth and Development in Education: Educational psychology perspectives on learner evolution.
  • Psychological Capital Workshops: Improving adaptive behavior among individuals with disabilities.
  • Mood Regulation and Risk Behaviors: Impact of structured social workshops.
  • Attachment Styles and Chronic Illness: Exploring early attachment influences on chronic illness adjustment.

Research interests

  • Family and Couple Therapy: Investigating effective therapeutic techniques to improve communication, intimacy, and overall relationship satisfaction within families and couples.
  • Educational Psychology: Exploring how psychological principles influence learning processes, growth, and development in educational settings.
  • Psychosomatic Research: Studying the interplay between psychological factors and physical health, focusing on how mental states can affect bodily conditions.
  • Emotional Expressiveness: Examining the role of emotional expression in mental health and interpersonal relationships, and its impact on problem-solving and conflict resolution.
  • Social Connectedness: Understanding the importance of social bonds and interactions in promoting psychological well-being and resilience

Recent Publications


Darbani, S. A., & Atapour, N. (2024). The Impact of Early Attachment Styles on Chronic Illness Adjustment: A Qualitative Approach. Journal of Personality and Psychosomatic Research (JPPR), 1(4), 30-37. 

Hooshmandi, R., & Atapour, N. (2023). Family Dynamics: The Role of Emotional Expressiveness and Social Connectedness in Problem-Solving. Journal of Psychosociological Research in Family and Culture, 1(4), 11-18. 

Atapour, N., & Darbani, S. A. (2024). Cultural Dynamics in Couple Therapy: Enhancing Marital Intimacy Through Tailored Interventions. Journal of Psychosociological Research in Family and Culture, 2(1), 4-9. 

Darbani, S. A., & Atapour, N. (2023). The Evolving Learner: Educational Psychology’s Perspectives on Growth and Development. KMAN Counseling & Psychology Nexus, 1(1), 140-150. 

Al-Dossary, S. A., Atak, I., & Atapour, N. (2024). The Impact of a Structured Social Workshop on Risk Behaviors and Mood Regulation. Journal of Personality and Psychosomatic Research (JPPR), 2(2), 11-18. 

Al-Dossary, S. A., Atak, I., & Atapour, N. (2023). Building Psychological Strengths: A Study on the Effectiveness of Psychological Capital Workshops in Improving Adaptive Behavior Among Patients with Physical Disabilities. KMAN Counseling & Psychology Nexus, 1(2), 119-126. 


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