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Dr. Nadereh Saadati

Dr. Nadereh Saadati

Dr. Nadereh Saadati

Head of Department


Her academic pursuits might span a wide range of psychological inquiries, from investigating mental health challenges and treatment efficacy to exploring developmental, educational, and counseling psychology’s nuances. Such work would inherently aim to deepen the understanding of human behavior, mental health disorders, therapeutic interventions, and the psychological underpinnings of human development and interpersonal relationships.

Dr. Saadati’s dedication to advancing psychological science suggests a commitment to addressing complex psychological issues through research that bridges theoretical knowledge with practical applications. Her contributions could involve innovative research methodologies, interdisciplinary collaborations, and the mentorship of emerging scholars in the field, reflecting a holistic approach to the advancement of psychological knowledge and practice.

To truly capture the breadth and impact of Dr. Saadati’s work, one would need to explore her published research articles, books, and contributions to academic journals. Through these mediums, her work undoubtedly offers valuable insights into the psychological community, contributing to the ongoing discourse and development of effective strategies for enhancing mental health and well-being across diverse populations.

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Researching Fields

  • Clinical Psychology: Focusing on diagnosing and treating mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders, including developing therapeutic approaches and interventions.
  • Educational and Developmental Psychology: Exploring the psychological aspects of learning and developmental processes across the human lifespan.
  • Health Psychology: Investigating the psychological influences on health, illness, and how individuals respond to health care interventions.
  • Family and Couple Therapy: Concentrating on therapeutic methods and interventions to improve communication and relationships within families and couples.
  • Rehabilitation Counseling: Aiming at enhancing the quality of life for individuals with disabilities through counseling, support, and advocacy.

Research interests

  • Integration of Psychological Therapies: Interested in how different psychological therapies can be integrated to improve treatment outcomes for various psychological disorders.
  • Psychological Well-being in Educational Settings: Investigating strategies and interventions to promote psychological well-being among students and educators.
  • Impact of Psychological Factors on Physical Health: Exploring the relationship between psychological factors and physical health outcomes, aiming to develop interventions that address these factors to improve overall health.
  • Dynamics of Family and Marital Relationships: Focusing on understanding and improving the dynamics within family and marital relationships through therapeutic interventions.
  • Support Systems for Individuals with Special Needs: Developing and evaluating support systems and interventions to assist individuals with special needs in achieving better psychological well-being and independence.

Recent Publications

Araghchi, E., & Saadati, N. (2023). Predicting the Desire for Remarriage Based on Family Relationships, Attachment Styles, and Personality Traits Among Married Men. KMAN Counseling & Psychology Nexus1(1), 34-42. 


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