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Dr. Fereydoun Eslami

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His academic and research endeavors have been dedicated to exploring how structured programs can significantly improve the dynamics of interpersonal relationships, particularly among couples.

Eslami’s work has been instrumental in demonstrating the profound impact that psychological and educational strategies can have on the beliefs and behaviors of individuals within a marital context. He has a keen interest in how the principles of communication and relationship theories can be applied to real-life scenarios, offering couples the tools and knowledge needed to foster healthier, more satisfying relationships.

Throughout his career, Eslami has engaged deeply with the study of marital enrichment and the mechanisms through which couples can achieve greater understanding, empathy, and connection. His research has underscored the importance of proactive education in mitigating communication barriers and enhancing the overall quality of marital bonds.

A committed advocate for the application of psychology to improve the well-being of families, Eslami’s contributions to the field reflect his belief in the transformative power of education and therapy. His dedication to advancing our understanding of marital relationships and communication has made him a respected voice in psychology, inspiring both his peers and the next generation of researchers and practitioners. Through his work, Eslami continues to influence the development of programs and interventions aimed at enriching the lives of couples and families worldwide.

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Researching Fields

  • Marital and Relationship Education: Specializing in the design and evaluation of educational programs aimed at strengthening communication and relationship skills among couples.

  • Communication in Marital Relationships: Focusing on understanding and improving how couples communicate, with an emphasis on identifying and overcoming common communication barriers.

  • Marital Enrichment Programs: Investigating the effectiveness of various approaches to marital enrichment, including those based on choice theory, in enhancing marital satisfaction and relationship beliefs.

  • Psychological Interventions in Relationships: Exploring the use of psychological interventions to address issues within marital and interpersonal relationships, aiming to improve emotional connection and resilience.

  • Theories of Relationship Dynamics: Studying the theoretical underpinnings of relationship dynamics, including choice theory and its application to marital relationships, to better understand and influence positive relationship outcomes.

Research interests

  • Effectiveness of Relationship Education Programs: Delving into how relationship education programs, like PREP, can positively impact couples’ communication beliefs and practices, leading to healthier relationship dynamics.
  • Choice Theory in Marital Enrichment: Exploring the application of choice theory in marital enrichment programs, focusing on how this approach can influence and improve married women’s beliefs and satisfaction with their marital relationships.
  • Communication Strategies for Couples: Researching effective communication strategies that couples can use to enhance their understanding, empathy, and conflict resolution skills.
  • Intervention Strategies for Relationship Improvement: Investigating the design and implementation of intervention strategies aimed at addressing and improving specific aspects of marital and interpersonal relationships.
  • The Role of Psychological Education in Marital Health: Examining the role of psychological education in promoting marital health and well-being, with a focus on how informed couples can better navigate the challenges of marriage.

Recent Publications

Eslami, F., & Hooshmandi , . R. . (2023). The Dynamics of Academic Buoyancy in Contemporary Education. KMAN Counseling & Psychology Nexus1(1), 102-108.

  • http://journals.kmanpub.com/index.php/psychnexus/article/view/1796

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