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Farzaneh Mardani.

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Farzaneh completed her Ph.D. at the Islamic Azad University, Qeshm branch, where she delved deeply into the complexities of human emotions and relationships. Her work, characterized by a profound commitment to understanding the nuances of psychological distress and the therapeutic processes that can alleviate such issues, has positioned her as a respected researcher and thought leader in her field.

Farzaneh’s research primarily focuses on exploring the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions, such as realistic acceptance and commitment therapy (RACT), in addressing marital burnout and alexithymia among couples. This line of inquiry not only highlights her dedication to enhancing the quality of life for individuals navigating the challenges of marital relationships but also underscores her innovative approach to integrating psychological theories with practical therapeutic techniques. Her scholarly contributions, which include a number of published articles in reputable academic journals, reflect a blend of empirical rigor and a deep empathy for human experiences.

Beyond her research endeavors, Farzaneh is known for her commitment to applying her findings in real-world settings, offering insights and guidance that benefit both practitioners and those seeking to improve their emotional and relational well-being. Her academic journey, from a diligent Ph.D. student to a graduated expert in her field, illustrates a trajectory marked by continuous learning, intellectual curiosity, and an unwavering dedication to contributing to the betterment of society through psychological research.

As Farzaneh Mardani continues to build upon her impressive body of work, her influence extends beyond the academic realm, inspiring both peers and students alike. Her achievements not only demonstrate her expertise but also her passion for fostering a deeper understanding of the human psyche, making her a valuable asset to the field of psychology and counseling.

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Researching Fields

  • Marital and Relationship Therapy: Specializing in interventions and therapeutic approaches aimed at enhancing communication, resolving conflicts, and reducing marital burnout among couples.

  • Emotional Intelligence and Alexithymia: Focusing on the study of emotional awareness, expression, and processing, particularly in individuals with difficulty identifying and describing their feelings.

  • Mental Health and Well-being in Educational Settings: Investigating the psychological health of students and educators, interventions for stress reduction, and the promotion of a positive educational environment.

  • Psychological Resilience and Coping Strategies: Researching the mechanisms and practices that contribute to individuals’ ability to withstand and recover from psychological distress, with a focus on resilience-building within families and communities.

Research interests

  • The Dynamics of Marital Satisfaction: Investigating the factors that contribute to marital satisfaction and stability, with a focus on communication patterns, emotional intimacy, and conflict resolution strategies.

  • Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Mental Health: Examining how cultural differences influence the perception, expression, and treatment of mental health issues, with an interest in developing culturally sensitive therapeutic approaches.

  • The Role of Emotional Intelligence in Personal and Professional Success: Researching how emotional intelligence affects relationship dynamics, workplace productivity, and personal well-being, aiming to develop programs that enhance emotional skills.

  • Prevention and Intervention Strategies for Adolescent Mental Health: Focusing on early intervention and prevention programs aimed at supporting adolescent mental health, with an emphasis on resilience, self-esteem, and coping mechanisms in the face of adversity

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