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Dr. Ali Aghaziarati

Dr. Ali Aghaziarati

Dr. Ali Aghaziarati

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His work is primarily affiliated with the Faculty of Education and Psychology at the University of Isfahan, Iran, where he delves into areas critical to understanding and improving the lives of children and their families facing unique challenges.

Aghaziarati’s research portfolio is rich and varied, focusing on several key areas within the domain of special education and psychology. One of his notable research endeavors includes investigating the effectiveness of transactional analysis training on reducing parenting stress and enhancing parental acceptance. This study underscores the importance of psychological training in supporting parents of children with special needs, offering them strategies to manage stress and foster a more accepting and nurturing environment at home.

Furthermore, Aghaziarati has explored the relationship between social cognition and academic achievements among students with special needs, highlighting the integral role of social cognitive skills in educational success. His work in mindful parenting, particularly in the context of deaf children and their hearing mothers, provides valuable insights into how mindfulness can strengthen parent-child attachment and resilience. This research is part of a broader commitment to understanding how mindful and reflective parenting approaches can support the developmental needs of children with hearing impairments.

Ali Aghaziarati’s contributions to the field are characterized by a deep commitment to enhancing the well-being and educational outcomes of children with special needs. Through his research, he aims to provide evidence-based strategies for educators, parents, and practitioners to effectively support this vulnerable population. His work not only advances academic knowledge but also has a profound practical impact on the lives of families navigating the challenges of raising children with special needs.

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Researching Fields

  • Special Education and Developmental Psychology: Focused on advancing educational and psychological strategies that support the development and well-being of children with special needs, including cognitive, emotional, and social development aspects.

  • Parental Training and Support for Special Needs Families: Specializing in developing and evaluating training programs aimed at reducing parenting stress and improving parental acceptance and efficacy in families of children with special needs.

  • Social Cognition in Special Education: Researching the impact of social cognitive skills on the academic achievements and social integration of students with special needs, aiming to identify and promote strategies that enhance these critical skills.

  • Mindful Parenting in Special Needs Contexts: Investigating the effects of mindful parenting strategies on the parent-child relationship, particularly in families with children who have sensory or developmental impairments, such as deafness.

  • Transactional Analysis in Educational Settings: Exploring the application of transactional analysis as a psychological and educational tool to improve communication and relationships within special education environments, including between educators, parents, and students.

Research interests

  • Effectiveness of Parental Training Programs: Delving into the development and assessment of training programs for parents of children with special needs, with a focus on reducing stress and fostering a supportive and accepting family environment.

  • Social Cognitive Development in Children with Special Needs: Exploring how social cognition affects learning and social interaction among children with special needs, and how educational practices can support the enhancement of these skills.

  • Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Families: Researching the benefits of mindfulness and mindful parenting approaches for enhancing the resilience, attachment, and emotional well-being of families with special needs children.

  • Impact of Transactional Analysis on Parenting and Education: Investigating the role of transactional analysis in improving communication and relational dynamics among educators, parents, and children within the context of special education.

  • Integrative Approaches to Special Education: Assessing the efficacy of integrative and interdisciplinary approaches in addressing the complex needs of children with special needs, aiming to provide holistic support that encompasses educational, psychological, and social dimensions.

Recent Publications

Aghaziarati, A., & Nejatifar, . S. (2023). Emotional Development and Regulation in Children: A Review of Recent Advances. KMAN Counseling & Psychology Nexus1(1), 118-125. 


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